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Raising Femme Voices.

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Latest Interviews

Interview With Jasmine Yang

Jasmine Yang | @DrifterGameWorkshop she/her Our interview this week is with DMs Guild best selling creator and TTRPG writer, Jasmine Yang! We spoke to Jasmine

Interview With Cynthia Marie

Cynthia Marie | @Cyndancer she/her This week we spoke to TTRPG Enthusiast, Dancer, Performer, former Cosplayer and Podcast Host, Cynthia Marie! Cynthia shared her experiences

Interview With AJ Winters

AJ Winters | @WintersTaleCo she/her Our interview this week is with AJ Winters, the Creative Director and Dungeon Master for TTRPG content creation company, Winters

Interview With Riley Gryc

Riley Gryc | @RileyGryc she/her This week we have a wonderful interview for you from TTRPG writer, designer, GM and facilitator, Riley Gryc! Riley told

Interview with Susanah Grace

Susanah Grace | @SusanahGrace she/her This week we have an interview with Susanah Grace! Susanah is a TTRPG streamer, illustrator and the art director for

Interview with Candace the Magnificent

Candace the Magnificent she/they Our interview this week is with @candacethemagnificent !Candace is a TTRPG performer and GM, who is part of the team leading The Rainbow

Interview with Lauren Urban

Lauren “Oboe” Urban she/her This week we have an epic interview from professional Bard, @laurenoboe!We got to speak about Lauren’s own history with TTRPGs and the power

Interview with Becca Godsey

Becca Godsey | Caustic Phoenix she/her This week we feature @becgodsey, co-owner and GM of the one and only @d20deathmatch, @thegamehers ambassador, and Twitch streamer.

Interview With Jordan Lambert

A Jordan Lambert she/her We are back with an amazing interview from A Jordan Lambert! Jordan is an LA based TTRPG streamer and content creator.

Interview With Beth the Bard

Beth the Bard | @ItsBethTheBard she/her Our interview this week is with the wonderful Beth the Bard! We spoke to Beth about her work as

Merch for Women's Rights ~

"I feel that if everyone plays with the level of respect as they would want for themselves, that we as a community can truly show how welcoming and fun it can be."

Cynthia Marie

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