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Interview With Jordan Lambert

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A Jordan Lambert


We are back with an amazing interview from A Jordan Lambert! Jordan is an LA based TTRPG streamer and content creator. During the day she works in fashion, and at night she’s got her hand in a variety of projects. We were lucky enough to speak to Jordan about representation in the TTRPG space, DMing the fab Blackness and Dragons, as well as some great advice for newer streamers out there!

How has representation changed in the D&D community since you first started playing?

Things have gotten so much more diverse! D&D definitely had an “old boys club” feel to it about ten years ago, when I first really got interested in playing. While that attitude still exists in people and at certain tables, it’s definitely more of an minority attitude. The community has really changed and reshaped the narrative that “anyone can play”. I’m also so glad that so many people spoke out about poor representation within the core books themselves and that is also being changed. 

We’d love to hear how Blackness and Dragons first started out, and what it’s like to DM this great show.

Blackness and Dragons started as me and my mom watching TV and riffing on different things in black culture that could be translated into homebrew spells for D&D. I kept thinking about the idea and talking it over with friends, and while I had never DM’ed before, I was too excited to let the idea die. Working with my crazy talented party members, Jeff, Keiki, DK, and Moses, and our producer Jake are the highlight of my week. They’re some of the smartest, funniest, most talented people I know and it’s so great to bond with friends over our shared culture and our shared love of playing games.

What can we expect in season 4 of Blackness and Dragons?

Season 4 is going to be a High Fantasy adventure! During our Session 0 we tossed ideas back and forth about our favorite fantasy films and different D&D classic campaigns we enjoy, and we all agreed to really lean into a “classic” D&D style adventure full of far off lands, sword fights, dragons, and madcap team work.

What advice would you offer to newer TTRPG streamers out there?

Do it scared!! I use this advice A LOT in my life as someone who lives with Chronic Anxiety; but I think it’s particularly helpful in TTRPG streaming – there are so many fantastic projects out there it’s very easy to be intimidated. But no one is making the content that YOU are making, and no matter how scary it is, it’s even more rewarding when you do it.

What would be a dream project to work on in the TTRPG space?

I would LOVE to have the time, space, and reach to host a different one shot every week with different streamers and celebrities, and people new to the hobby! 

We want to say a huge thank you to Jordan for speaking to us and sharing her experiences and insight on the TTRPG space.

Make sure you are following this amazing creator and don’t forget to check out Blackness and Dragons!

Image description:

Jordan has long, bright red hair and is wearing a black, high neck top. She has a piercing in her lip and nose, and her nails  are black and gold.

Jordan is holding a Starbucks cup and straw and is looking into the camera.

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