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Interview with Becca Godsey

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Becca Godsey | Caustic Phoenix


This week we feature @becgodsey, co-owner and GM of the one and only @d20deathmatch, @thegamehers ambassador, and Twitch streamer.

We spoke about all things D20 Deathmatch and creating a positive space for women at your TTRPG table. It was great to hear Becca’s insights and experiences; we are so happy to share them with you!

How can we make sure the D&D space is a welcoming one for women?

Most simply, it would be to have open and frequent communication. Invite, ask questions, check in, listen. This should be an ongoing process as we seek to respect, understand, and empower all who come to our tables. We often think people should just speak up if they feel bothered, but that’s hard to do if 1) we’re new, 2) there’s not a space to do so, 3) if everyone else seems fine, or 4) we don’t know that it can be done differently. Communication isn’t just checking in if something is wrong, it builds a relationship where everyone can thrive. This isn’t just the role of the DM to reach out. Anyone at the table can do so.

We'd love to hear about your work as an ambassador for The Game Hers.

I love The GameHers. The leadership has a great vision and does a lot to amplify the voices women and femme identifying gamers and provide great spaces to connect (check out The GamerHers app). Plus, I get to be part of that process! On their weekly show Pink Pixels, The GameHers invites amazing individuals in the gaming space where we chat about their loves, challenges, and hopes in the gaming space and more. There’s some beautiful, honest conversations there.

How did you first get into streaming, and what advice would you offer to any new streamers in the TTRPG space?

I started streaming on Mixer a few years ago. When streaming TTRPGs, it’s important to remember that this is just as much of a show as it is a game. Your DM is likely also the producer, you’re not just telling a story with the players but with the viewers as well. Put yourself and your friends in a position to tell stories they want and feel comfortable sharing publicly.

What first inspired your epic show D20 Deathmatch?!

When creating new campaign characters, my partner and I would set up at the Cloak and Blaster (@cloakandblaster on Insta) and playtest our characters in a fight. It would be our time to explore our characters, the range of their emotions, the types of moves we could create in an intense 1v1 before we committed them to a long-term campaign. We loved it. We wanted the chance to play with others and create characters with massive personalities that could show off the creativity and fun roleplaying you can have in a PvP fight.

What's a favourite moment for you as Grand Master of D20 Deathmatch?

Not one moment, but I adore all the individuals we’ve invited to play on D20 Deathmatch. It’s been amazing to play and learn from so many talented individuals that bring something new to the table. It feels like each week I learn something new and am challenged to push my own D&D skills further. The takeaway: play with more people!

We are so grateful to Becca for taking the time to speak to us.

D20 Deathmatch is currently revving up for their last episode of the season, this Sunday at 9pm EST over on Twitch, so make sure you tune in!

D20 Deathmatch will also be live at GCX!

Make sure you’re following Becca and D20 Deathmatch to get all the upcoming news and events.

Image description:
Becca is looking right of the camera, with her long blonde hair in a braid, over one shoulder. Becca is wearing a sleeveless grey hoodie and black hoop earrings.

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