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Interview With Ava Couture

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Ava Couture


A couple of weeks back we were lucky enough to speak to Ava Couture. Ava spoke to us about her experiences in the TTRPG space as an actual play performer and offered some advice for others starting out. You can find Ava as Samir Eunomia in Roll 4 Luck

How did you first hear of TTRPGs and what were your first impressions?

I feel like I always had passing knowledge of TTRPGs without really knowing what it was.  D&D was the main one I knew and at the time, I thought it was something not for me.  I didn’t consider myself a nerd, focused on school, and due to my struggles with blackness and femineity, I didn’t see myself in a white male-dominated space.

How did you first get into performing in TTRPG actual plays, and what advice would you offer to others starting out?

TamedRyu and I were in the same discord for black femmes interested in DND and one day around March/April she posted a casting call for her show Roll4Luck through GirlsRunTheseWorlds.  I applied with no expectations of getting in, not trusting in my own talents.  But despite that, I’m now in the GRTW anchor show and have been loving it ever since.  If I could offer one piece of advice I think I would simply say, cannonball into the deep in.  The TTRPG and AP spaces are expanding and diversifying every day and more opportunities are being offered waiting for someone who wants to try or jump into a new field to simply put their name in.  I took a chance last year, now I am getting interviewed by Women of DnD.

We'd love to hear the inspirations behind your character, Samir Eunomia in Roll 4 Luck.

Samir is the result of wanting to not do something too out of my comfort zone for an experience that was extremely brand new.  Sure I have done private games and I have been campaigns that were streamed, but that game didn’t show my face.  What I was doing for GRTW was a different world for me and I wanted something familiar.  Samir combined my love of spirituality, making a character that is a noble in some aspect and can be considered a team mom.  I did try to make her a bit different than my usual characters; she leans a lot more lawful (especially in her party), she is the type of mom character who is quick to shame someone who needs it and her comfort is more subtle, and she does what she does tend to act thinking about the future and not much the current. I love this Paladin and hope to play her for a long time!!

What's it been like joining the team over at GRTW?

It is such a wild experience!  I applied for Roll4Luck on a whim; I felt the urge to play another DND game and the fact that they took a chance on me and saw that I had a skill to offer.  It took some time to get use to it because I am horrible at taking compliments, but being around so many awesome people and experience so many things has definitely helped in coming out of that insecurity.

Tell us about your plans for 2023!?

I’m always so bad at figuring out yearly plans.  But for this world I have stumbled into, I want to expand on the games I am playing and meet more people.  I want a chance to be on an all black table again but also continue to work with GRTW for as long as they can tolerate my antics!

Thank you so much to Ava for taking the time to speak to us about her experiences. Do make sure you give Ava a follow to keep up to date with all their upcoming shows!

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Ava is leaning into the camera, taking a selfie. She had black hair, is wearing a black t-shirt and a long silver chain. Ava is wearing winged eye liner and black lipstick on her top lip.

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